The First One

My name is Darci. I am a woman in my late twenties living in Seattle. I have been a proud feminist for many years. It’s one of my defining qualities, something I take pride in.

This past year has been a difficult year to be a woman. Really, every year since the dawn of time has been a difficult year to be a woman. But for almost a century there was slow steady progress. Women can vote, inequality in the work place was being acknowledged and slowly addressed, birth control was covered under health care, and a woman was running for president.  And I was beginning to believe that slow steady progress would continue. That equality was on the horizon. That I may in my own lifetime get to witness it.

But the world took a startling turn. On November 8th, 2016 Donald Trump (a man openly accused of sexual assault, a man who bragged on tape about groping women, to name a few) was elected president of the United States of America and that slow steady progress began to crumble bit by bit. It’s been a rough road this past year watching the world and I have been slowly filling with rage.

And so here I am. Full of anger. And so I have finally decided to create a space to explore my rage. Every week I will explore a new reason. Explain it, research it, cite it. Let you know exactly why I am angry. Why I think you should be angry too.

This blog is to explore all of the reasons why I am an angry feminist. All of the problems I see. All of the hurt I experience. And all the things I experience along the way.

So stay tuned.



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