Women’s Issues Are Men’s Issues Too

Men have a lot of power. That was made very clear during the #MeToo movement. And it was also made clear how often that power is used against women. Every woman has an experience with sexual abuse at the hands of men. This abuse of power towards women can come in the form of catcalling or harassment to being raped, abused, or assaulted.

Ya ya ya, not all crimes are the same, but we’ve already discussed the Dangers of Downplaying. And sure, #NotAllMen. But when it’s all women, it’s a problem all men need to face.

And this is why we need feminism: to even the playing field.

Women are more likely to be killed by their male partner than anyone else. 9 our of 10 rape victims are women (and remember 70% of those victims knew their rapists). Women are still paid $.79 on the dollar men are paid for the same work. Men account for 75% of the conversations during meetings.

In every corner, men have the power and they using it far too often against the women in their lives.

But what would happen if they didn’t?

It follows logic that if a man has all the power and can choose how he uses it, what if he used it to fight for women’s right’s rather than against them?

I’ve talked about what men can do to be part of the solution before. Way’s that men can be ally’s to women in our fight for equality. But there is still so much more that can be done.

What if, instead of it being the norm for men to assault and abuse the women in their lives, it became the norm for men to protect the women in their lives? If we lost the “boys will be boys” line, and we started holding men accountable for their actions. What if instead of laughing at your co-worker who flirts with all the women in the office, you called him out?

What if, when you witness a woman being harassed on the street you call out her harasser right then and there?

What if, instead of speaking over women in the workplace, you created more space for them to talk, and called out other men who interrupted women?

What if, you called for transparency in wages at work? Advocating that with transparency employers have to pay equally for work and value everyone on a transparent scale? What if you refused to work someplace that wasn’t actively and publicly closing the wage gap?

Bottom line is this: women need ally’s in our fight for equality.

The scales have been tipped to favor men forever. We’ve been socialized to believe that’s just the way things are. Some might even believe it is right, fair even, that everything in life favors men (that’s how it’s always been!). But things aren’t the way they’ve always been and it’s time for the scales to be balanced back out.

And we need both men and women fighting for equality in order to ever achieve it.



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