Change Is Exhausting

We have all heard the saying: the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. It’s such an interesting phenomenon. We go about our day, day by day, and it can feel very routine and mundane, but then after some time you realize your life is somehow completely different.

Even just this year, the last seven months, my life has completely transformed. My living situation is changing, my social circle has evolved, a lot has changed at work, and I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself that has changed my life for the better. Every year I am amazed at how the day to day can feel so normal, but when I look at my life over the course of the year so much will change. Without fail. Relationships, jobs, family dynamics, the world of politics. It’s in constant flux.

All of these changes were intentional, but they were also slow. My living situation took planing, sure, but it took far more patience than anything else. I’ve been working on surrounding myself with incredible friends, and finding intentional opportunities to invest in those relationships more. I started going to counseling to work on myself in ways I didn’t even realize I needed to work on. I inched my way into a better life, and I will continue to inch my way to an even better life. Small changes, subtle changes, that built up over time.

It all takes work. Intentional work. The slower the progress, the more convicted you have to feel in your desire for that change. It’s small steps that you commit to every day. And it’s exhausting. Bettering yourself, bettering your world, it’s exhausting.

And this month, it feels like all of that change is cultivating all at once. My brain is full. At capacity. Or, more likely, exceeding capacity. Every day I have to keep pushing myself to work. Work at home, work at work (ugh), and work on me. And right now, I feel like everything is suffering because I am exhausted. But I also know everything is for my better, so I keep pushing.

Because you have to do the work. If anything is every going to change, you have to do the work. If we are going to be stronger, healthier, if we are going to achieve any progress, we have to stick it out. We have to commit to those small moments each day that slowly inch us towards the world we want.

And so I leave with you this: go vote. It’s Primary Election time here in Seattle. Ballots are due by August 7th. And it’s the bare minimum you can do. This is the smallest action you can take to work towards change. If you are angry with the world, don’t be all talk. Go vote.



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