My Issues with the Abortion Issue

So I decided to take a very impromptu hiatus in May. 2019 has been an overwhelming year in good ways and bad and Wednesday came and I just couldn’t. And while I was taking a short mental break the world kept turning and people in power continued the war against women.

My thoughts on abortion are not original, you have read them all hundreds of times already. If you are like me who is more left leaning and the community I have created is also left leaning, but the community you come from is way over on the right, you are probably familiar with both sides of the argument. And if you are also like me, the whole conversation probably exhausts you. But unfortunately we keep needing to have it. So let’s have it.

Ok. So you’re pro-life. You believe life begins at conception, all lives are precious, god doesn’t make mistakes, and abortion is murder. Fine. Whatever. I’m not here to argue you on that. My issue with the pro-lifers is that too often they are also the people who are against sex education in school, easy access to health care and birth control, they aren’t fighting for fair wages for women, they aren’t pushing for better child care options. Too often pro-lifers start and stop with the fetus. The mother isn’t important, the baby isn’t important. Just the fetus.

Abortion isn’t the real issue. Abortion is the solution to a symptom of a larger problem. And if you are going to take that solution away, you have to address the larger problem. And what’s the larger problem? We don’t actually care about women.

We aren’t concerned with educating women young so they understand their bodies and how to not get pregnant. We aren’t concerned with the well being of a woman once she gets pregnant, and we certainly aren’t concerned with her well being after she gives birth. In fact, we care so little about women that we aren’t even discussing the mans role in her having an unwanted pregnancy. We still teach women how not to get raped rather than teachings boys not to rape. We still blame women for getting raped. We still downplay sexual harassment and assault in favor of allowing men to continue their dangerous behaviors. And now we are trying to punish women more harshly for abortion than we are punishing men for rape.

And I’m calling bullshit. This idea that abortion is murder and all the reasons why women get abortions are irrelevant doesn’t make you morally superior, it makes you dangerously delusional. It’s not compassionate to fight for a fetus, it’s naive. When you blindly ignore he larger issue you perpetuate the larger issue.

So to all of you conservative pro-lifers out there. If you want to convince me that you are actually convicted in protecting and preserving life, start fighting for more than just a fetus. Show compassion and care for women before, during, and after pregnancy by getting fired up about sex education and health care and gender equality in the work place. Show me you believe women who are sexually assaulted and fight for their protection. No more boys will be boys, or what was she wearing, or if she didn’t want to get pregnant she shouldn’t have been having sex. For every pro-life argument you post on Facebook, post five about all of the other issues.

This is a big issue, and it’s about so much more than abortion. So let’s start talking about the larger issues at play and let’s stop making this about controlling women.


7 thoughts on “My Issues with the Abortion Issue

  1. Dee

    This was a good essay. I think it’s good to write about this even if it has all been said before. You at least get to let some steam out of that angry pressure cooker.

    Me? I’ve been going around both outraged and enraged lately. I came of age during the Roe V. Wade era and I never thought these *&%#* would ever get this far. For me this issue comes down to one very simple statement; I am not a slave. Seriously, what else can you call it besides slavery?


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