The Privileged Reasons Why I Would Not Get An Abortion

I’ve been thinking about the issue of abortion a lot lately. I talked about some of my thoughts on the abortion issue last week, but I’m not ready to move on yet. My big stance on abortion is that abortion isn’t actually the real issue, it’s just the part of the issue we focus on, that abortion is just the solution to the symptoms of the larger issue. This isn’t a debate about when does life begin and what are the morals that surround that; this is about the reasons that lead to women terminating unwanted pregnancies. When you ignore the reasons why women get abortions, you accomplish nothing.

For me, I personally could not get an abortion. But the reality is that if I had an unplanned pregnancy, I wouldn’t have to. An unplanned pregnancy, for me, would not be a devastating surprise. So I thought I would share all of the reasons why I wouldn’t get an abortion to illustrate my point.

I Know How Not To Get Pregnant
The older I get, the more grateful I am for a comprehensive sex education. From sixth to ninth grade I had yearly progressive health classes. I was educated about my body, about male bodies, about birth control, about STI’s, very comprehensively before I was ever sexually active. Before I was even thinking about being sexually active. I was educated about ovulation vs menstruation, about how long semen can live outside the body, about condoms and the pill and Plan B, about what questions to be asking your sexual partners, all as part of my public school education. Before I was ever sexually active, I knew how to prevent pregnancy.

I Have Easy Access to Birth Control
All my life I have had good health insurance. I have always had easy access to the pill. For over a decade, my biggest hurdle with birth control was just getting to the pharmacy before my pack ran out. And then I discovered the beauty and convenience of other forms of birth control and now I only have to worry about it every three years. It’s a lot easier to use birth control when you have convenient and affordable access to it.

I also have good health insurance so that if I get pregnant I will have good coverage. I have a gynecologist, a specialist, that I already see regularly. I have medical resources to help me and monitor me should I get pregnant.

I Have A Job That Works Well For Parenting
This is actually a new development for me. When I was looking for the next chapter in my career, I took into account how family friendly the places were that I was applying to. Not just maternity leave, but how flexible the job itself was. I can work from home when needed, I choose my own schedule, I can come and go as I need. My last job was very strict, very inflexible, didn’t really understand that their employees had lives outside of the office, and I honestly have no idea how the parents made it work. I knew if kids were going to be in my future, I had to find a new job.

I Have A Partner That Is Solid
My guy is a rock. He’s what they call “one of the good ones”. Even before I knew we would go the distance, I knew if something unplanned happened he wasn’t going to disappear on me. He is kind, he is nurturing, and he is committed. He is a great partner to me, and he will be a great parent. It makes facing the unknowns a lot easier when you aren’t in it alone.

I Have A Strong Support System
On top of having a solid partner, I also have a solid community. I would have endless support and resources and help. I would never be alone in my journey.

I am very lucky. I know that. I have been educated, I have insurance, I have a good job, I have a good partner, and I have a good community. Even just one of those could be life changing for someone, and I have them all. So it is very easy for me to say that I would not terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It’s very privileged of me to be able to say that.





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